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my story 

from TV Producer to Wellbeing Warrior

I'm passionate about teaching others how using simple but effective mindfulness and calming techniques successfully boosts and promotes positive wellbeing and good mental health. 

Modern life can be exhausting and overwhelming.

As a successful producer working for the likes of the BBC, Channel 4, Sky & ITV, I thrived on the pressure, stress and expectation the industry demanded.

I juggled the responsibilities of a huge team, multi-million pound budgets and the needs of my young, growing family.

After over two decades at that relentless pace I realised something had to give. 

retrained in Mindfulness and Calming Practises knowing I needed to make big changes in my own life. 

I could see my own children, like May of their peers, also needing support. And that support wasn’t readily available.

​I learnt to teach the Award-winning Relax Kids programme - one of the leading experts in child relaxation training and a forerunner in mindfulness in early years. 


I furthered my knowledge with training from the Mindfulness in Schools Project, and have since worked with charities, community groups, schools and colleges to provide classes for all ages, offering parenting workshops, one to one targeted work, and family support. 

I'm able to use my mindfulness skills, television background and considerable drama training to develop bespoke sessions specifically devised to suit the individuals I'm working with.

There is such a need for support in mental wellbeing that in the last 9 years my work has grown and grown.

Now my sessions provide others with the coping mechanisms to deal with the frenzy of their own lives - be that in the classroom, in the home or in the work place. 

The insights I’ve learnt through my own work have even allowed me to loop back into a wonderful new role in TV. This latest chapter sits side by side the coaching, and proves that with the right balance anything is possible…

My Story: About
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my training

Certified and licenced 

Relax Kids, Chill Skills & Just Relax Coach

training is officially recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

‘dot begin’ trained

by the Mindfulness In Schools Project (MiSP)

Drama & Theatre Studies BA Hons Degree 2:1 

from Royal Holloway College, University of London

Trained LAMDA Speech and Drama Teacher


Has completed Public Health England's

'Psychological First Aid: Supporting Children & Young People’

Has completed the Home Office & Public Health England recognised course 

‘Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Early Trauma’

CACHE Level 2 Certificate from Hereford College in

‘Understanding Children & Young People's Mental Health’

Has completed a CPD certified course from AIW Consultancy in 

‘Understanding Autism & Reducing Anxieties’

Has completed a University of Reading course in

‘Understanding Depression & Low Mood in Young People’

As well as:


Extensive Safeguarding training for both children & adults

Emergency First Aid at Work training

Enhanced DBS checked for both adults & children

Full Public Liability & Insurance in place

Currently studying for a CBT Practitioner Certificate from Achology, the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

My Story: Welcome
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