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here's what clients say...

Zara is brilliant and very caring and intuitive  - she really gets to know the children and their individual needs.

This is exactly what F, who is sight impaired and on the autistic spectrum, needs...I was invited to a session and loved it too.

Thank you Zara for helping to keep F relaxed.

Relax Kids brings new thinking
about emotional intelligence to managing young people’s mental health and the approach could be used in many other settings.

Nicky S


Specialist Judge

Nursing Standard's Mental Health category award (2011)

Zara we love you!

Thanks for bringing calm into our household.

I firmly believe T is a calmer and more confident boy and is able to deal with potentially stressful situations in a more measured way.

I have also benefited.

I am more aware of my own stresses and am able to calm myself down when I feel my own anxiety levels rise especially during homework!

Su H-C


Just want to say thank you so much, I really don't think I could have done it without you... you were there when I most needed you,

I am forever grateful you were there to keep me sane with your fab plan of action! I have been promoting your services as something we really benefited from when we really needed it, when I didn't know what to do / how to handle the situation for the best.  

Sarah P

1:1 client, whose family needed help after Adopting

The Relax Kids Session helped my class by promoting the benefits of self-awareness, positive energy and mostly how to relax.

Allison R



K passed his exam and is excelling in sports too!

Wow what did you do to him?! 

He is so calm and collected most of the time when he faces a challenge - teaching me a few things!


1:1 client, whose child had just been diagnosed with Dyspraxia

Thank you Zara!

You are a presence in my Gratefulness Jar!


1:1 client, whose twins have ASD & Sensory Processing needs

Contact me now and see how I can help you!

Testimonials: Testimonials

and my students...

I don’t feel stressed after Relax Kids, before it I feel worried about things.

M, 7


After class I always feel content.

I've been coming for nearly 3 years and still enjoy it.

J, 10


I like it because it helps me get through the day!

S.A, 9


The environment is really friendly.

The lessons are really fun and you can just be yourself.

K, 11


Zara is very fun and kind.

I like it because we do fun things and relax.

S.C, 8


Contact me now and see what a difference it makes to your child

Testimonials: Testimonials
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