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I offer a variety of coaching and calming services for all ages, both in groups and individually

the repeat bookings, recommendations and referrals speak for themselves

here's how I can help you...

My Services: Welcome
Water Lily

Reiki Healing

Powerful non-touch healing & alignment

Lovely calming healing energy to restore and align your mind & body.

feel more aligned

Group Session for your

Community Group

Fun, engaging & educational sessions for Community Groups like

Scouts, Brownies or the Woodcraft Folk

Sessions for badges, for bonding or just for fun.


Vision Boarding Session

Set Goals & Intentions

to get the most out of life

Achieve more by setting clearer personal and professional goals!

Using craft, Meditation and a sprinkle of Mindfulness I'll help you focus your intentions for a happier, more fulfilled life.

Wonderful as an alternative evening's activity for a group of friends, birthday or celebration.

Get in touch today to book your session!

Image by Tim Marshall

Just Relax Session

Embrace Life's Challenges 

with my workshops for adults

Adult group session.

Get a group together and I'll do the rest!

Learn how to achieve a more balanced and calm life in an informal setting.

Meditation, calming techniques and all the tools you need to feel more positive, more centred and happier.

Book your group in for a session now.

Hands Together

Chill Skills For Teens

Helping Teen's Embrace Life's Challenges

The transition from a dependent child to an independent young adult can be very confusing & emotional.

I can help your teen navigate this turbulent time, as they deal with these huge physical and mental changes.

Chill Skills uses the Award Winning 7-Step Relax Kids Programme as a backbone, and is adapted for Young People.

Sessions help teens cope when life is challenging, gives them an emotional toolkit with dealing with bigger issues and teaches them techniques to feel calmer, happier and more positive if things feel overwhelming. 

I can provide home visits for these sessions.

Get in touch now to help your teen.


Relax Seniors

Calming Techniques for the Elderly

Offered in a group setting, as a 1:1, or as a home visit for the elderly in your life.

One of my favourite sessions to run.

Lovely gentle relaxation, calming skills and mindfulness techniques, with time to chat, share and reminisce.

Get in touch to see how these wonderful sessions can enhance your group, or loved one's, 'twilight' years.


Drama & Improvisation Workshop

for fun, for confidence,

for team building

Be inspired, feel more confident!

Feeling more confident is a brilliant foundation for wellbeing

Lacking self-confidence?

Need some help with public-speaking?

Or simply want me to run a fun & creative drama workshop?

I can work with you individually, or work with your team giving them a safe place to have some positive, collective fun.

Get in touch now to see how my drama training can help you!


Parenting Session

Techniques and strategies for calmer parenting

Sessions help guide and inspire you to feel calmer as a parent.

With tips, tools and techniques that help you get the most out of family life. 

I can provide home visits for these sessions.

Get in touch today and feel more empowered as a parent with my coaching tools and techniques.


1:1 Session

Guidance and techniques for children, young people or adults

One to one work in the home.

Tailor-made sessions targeting any area of concern that you, your child or young person may be presenting.

Using Just Relax and Relax Kids techniques alongside other strategies and methods to help you, and your child, help themselves.

Book now for your bespoke session.


Family Session

Guidance, Inspiration & strategies for the whole family

Sessions give you and your family coping mechanisms and tools to feel more balanced, less stressed and shows you how to work together as a unit to handle issues whenever they arise.

I can provide home visits for these sessions.

Email now and see how I can help your family.


Workshops for Schools & Colleges 

Calming strategies and benefits for groups and classes

Mindfulness, growth mindset work, relaxation techniques and mental wellbeing sessions in education. 

Using the Relax Kids programme as a backbone, classes can be rolled out across the entire school, provided for just one year group or targeted at a handpicked number of students.

The choice is yours.

Sessions work for all age ranges, abilities and most class sizes.

Themes can be adapted to compliment current topics in school or college.

I specialise in PHSE days, Exam Stress, Secondary Transition, ASD support and Year 7 bonding groups.

I also lead assemblies.

Get in touch now to book me for your school.


Team Building Workshop

Happy People Make Better Teams!

Let me guide and inspire your team or department to feel more connected, happier and more inclined to work hard to achieve their professional potential.

Get in touch today and get your team back on track with my coaching tools and techniques.


Relax Kids

Creating Calm, Confident Children

Help your child feel calmer & happier.

Engaging, fun & nurturing sessions that boost children's wellbeing.


I'll give your child the skills they need to cope with life's demands, deal with big emotions & manage any pressure they feel at school, with friends or at home.

Using the Award-winning Relax Kids 7-Step method, children of all ages can learn simple but effective relaxation techniques that encourages self-regulation & improves self-esteem.

I can provide home visits or run these at your school.

Email now to schedule a session.


Resilience Workshop

Guidance on how to build an emotional toolkit & feel more resilient in the workplace

Don't let stress, anxiety and worry hinder your life.

We can't control what life throws at us, but we can take control of how we deal with it.

My workshops teach you how to manage pressure and give you coping mechanisms to feel more resilient.

Email now to schedule your workshop 

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